How to Use the Trails

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We hope that you enjoy the beauty that the Valley has to offer, with its great diversity of plants, birds, animals and trees.

What To Watch Out For

Because the Valley is an active ecosystem and due to the nature of human occupation, the Valley tends to flood in certain spots along the trail, as indicated on the map. When it rains, we caution you to avoid these areas, as runoff can come rushing down the Valley.

Some areas of the trail are more difficult than others to walk. A difficulty level is indicated at each section of the trail. Please plan according.

What to Leave Behind

The Valley will sustain it self provided we keep our “footprints” to a minimum. Please do not litter the Valley. Don’t feed the animals or birds. Don’t pick flowers or plants. Take great photos and have a good time, but let the Valley live as it is intended to do.