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You are about to enter one of the oldest and most historic areas of Hamilton (Gahënagö: in the Mohawk Language). The trail system of the Red Hill Valley follows both ancient indigenous trails and the flow of history from the Escarpment to the Lake. At each entrance, which are shown on the map, we have highlighted a special feature of that section of the trail.


Countless generations have walked this Valley. Mud Road was built upon an old indigenous trail, as was the Queen Elizabeth Highway below us. Connecting those trails were ancient trails used by the indigenous hunters seeking game, fish and plants.


Beginning at the top of the Niagara Escarpment (Mud Street, adjacent to Kings Forest Park), the Red Hill Valley Trail traverses the escarpment and runs northeast through the Red Hill Valley to its end at Brampton Street, south of the Queen Elizabeth Highway and Lake Ontario.


The trail is approximately 10.5 kilometres long by 3 metres wide, and includes bridge crossings of the Red Hill Creek, entrances from streets and/or parking lots , and a 1.1 kilometre long barrier-free section (with a tar and chip surface) accessible from Greenhill Bowl through Kings Forest Golf Course.


Most of the trail is not wheelchair accessible due to steep grades but through our web site you are able to journey through the Valley, or plan your excursion.