Equity, Economy, Ecology, Education

The Four Elements

Our Master Plan Strategy is based upon four interrelated themes:

Ecology – Our primary concern is to see that the wildlife and watershed are protected and enhanced in order that the valley ecosystem can function as intended.

Economy – Our primary concern is to develop ecotourism within the RHV that advances an indigenous environmental ethic, as well as supports local visual artists and makers of hand-made works that reflect our deeper relationship with nature.

Equity – Our primary concern is to see that the agreements between the city of Hamilton and the Six Nations are faithfully implemented. We are committed to fostered better relationships, predicated upon the principles of our wampum string agreement, and providing ecological and economic opportunities for the people of Six Nations and the Aboriginal people in Hamilton.

Education – Our primary concern is to see that young people have more opportunities to have positive and productive relationships with nature, learning to appreciate and apply Indigenous Ecological Knowledge.

The Red Hill Valley Master Plan is a reflection of the provisions and objectives of the agreement that led to its creation. It reflects the intention of the Joint Stewardship Board to fulfill its obligations to both Councils and to the Valley.

If it does not look like other “master plans”, it is because it emerges from two very different legal systems, and those legal systems are the products of two very different ways of living and thinking about the place of human beings in this world.