Environmental Interpretive Centre


Latest Developments – Schematics Completed!  ATRRLogo

Working with Architects Tillman, Ruth, Robinson, the Joint Stewardship Board continues with the design phase for an Environmental Interpretive Centre in the Red Hill Valley.

Schematic Design Animation (2015)


This design embodies Haudenosaunee and City of Hamilton joint stewardship as expressed by the Vision and Principles established in 2013:

  • The Centre will be a story of the communities that share a history in the Valley, the values that bind our communities together and our path to a resilient future.
  • The Centre is a framework that invites many levels of engagement and movement through the site.
  • The Centre is truly connected to the site and integrated with the natural patterns it embodies.
  • The Centre expresses, through modest and respectful building, our responsibility to the land and those yet to come.
  • Spaces are dynamic and adaptable with a responsible use of available resources and materials.
  • The small footprint of built space is configured to maximize flexibility and adoptability in the use of indoor and outdoor classrooms and exhibition space.
  • The Centre incorporates passive strategies for sustainable design.


Concept design completed (2014)



 Emerging design through development of vision and guiding principles (2013)